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Clayray Dental Radiology
Farrer House
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Dental X-Rays

Clayray offers a plethora of dental scans and radiography technologies to suit the needs of both dentists and patients. We offer dental x-rays such as 2D OPGs, Cephalometry, Intraorals and 3D CT scans, which provides the very best in 3D cone beam computed tomography. The J-Morita cone beam ct is the answer to the growing need for a high clarity, low dose 3D Imaging.

Cone Beam CT

  • Implant Survey to determine bony dimensions, topography, and cortical plates
  • Assessment of impacted, supenumerary teeth and dens-in-dente
  • Inferior alveolar canal localisation for wisdom teeth extraction
  • Diagnosis of periapical infection, unfilled root canals, root fractures
  • Diagnosis of periapical related pathology
  • Diagnosis of temporamandibular joint disease

CBCT appointments and results

We recommend that you advise your patients to book an appointment prior to seeing us for a Cone Beam CT scan. However we also take urgent requests, depending on the day’s workload. Once the patient has been here, Imaging printouts, a CD and Report will be posted out to you within the day.

Delivering faster, better care

Clayray’s scans and reports are also available online through a secure Picture and Archiving Communication System (PACS) so that you can have direct access to your patient ‘s general dental and Cone beam CT images and reports. Simply ring the practice and we’ll register you an account, this service is free of charge.

Morita Cone Beam CT

Clayray has participated with clinicians in research projects and in aiding treatments in the fields of endodontics, orthodontics, periodontics, implant surgery and oral medicine. Examinations of the teeth and surrounding structures may be performed on a 40 x 40mm field of view for single site endodontic or implant studies, 60mm x 60mm for assessment of bilateral ectopic canines and 80mm x 80mm for full upper and lower jaw implant surgery.


Our Dental Radiographers work closely with the Radiologists to provide a total care for your patient’s imaging and reporting needs. If you have any questions regarding the technology of our dental X-Rays and 3D CT scans or the results, simply ring the practice and we’d be happy to discuss it over the phone with you.