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We make life easier for dentists and their patients.

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About Clayray

Clayray Dental Radiology provides dental radiology services to make life easier for dentists and their patients. At our clinic, dental radiology is all we do. And this focus grants us the know-how to do things right the first time. 20 years’ experience in the dental field, knowledge in radiology and an industry-leading Cone Beam CT Scanner combine to make a positive difference in your treatment planning program. 

We work with general dentists, specialists and oral maxillofacial surgeons throughout Melbourne for various imaging requests, such as dental implant planning, orthodontic assessments, endodontic surveys and TMJ pathology. Plus, we have the technical and anatomical know-how to communicate our diagnostics to any dental specialist, so there's no second-guessing and no wasting time.   

At Clayray, we know how important your patients are to you, as they are to us. That's why we will always maintain the flexibility for emergency walk-ins or urgent scans and deliver your (meticulously checked) results on time. 

Our Team

Managing Director
Julius Chan – Melbourne Radiographer
Julius Chan, Radiographer

B.MedRad (Hon) University of SA

Julius is a radiographer and Managing Director of Clayray Dental Radiology. He received his Bachelor (Hon) in Medical Radiation from the University of South Australia in 2005.

Julius is in charge of day-to-day clinical operations while also helping referrers with technical issues regarding Cone Beam CT scans and online access.

Julius is passionate about ensuring that all our referrers' questions are answered and that their clinical needs are met with each patient. Chatting with his patients is also a joy for him, meeting new faces each day and making each patient feel at ease throughout their visit.

In his spare time, he can be found taking his Westie (Terrier) for long walks or unwinding on the golf course virtually anywhere around Melbourne.

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Managing Director
Dara Danh - Melbourne Radiographer
Dara Danh, Radiographer

B.MedRad (Hon) University of SA

Dara is a radiographer and Managing Director at Clayray Dental Radiology. He received his Bachelor (Hon) in Medical Radiation from the University of South Australia in 2005.  

Dara is in charge of day-to-day clinical operations while also helping referrers with technical issues regarding Cone Beam CT and guided implant surgery.

He considers his patients, though, to be a particular bonus of the job. He enjoys their daily interactions and how every patient offers something different, both personally and clinically. There’s always something new to learn. And if he can get a laugh or a smile out of a patient, then he says his job is done.

When not working, Dara enjoys watching the Aussie open, hitting a little white ball around a golf course (more an excuse to chat with mates), spending time with family, or going for a hike, swim or ride to recharge.

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Clare McLeod - Clayray  Receptionist
Clare McLeod, Receptionist

Clare genuinely enjoys assisting patients and referrers with their range of enquiries and bookings.

Luckily for us (!), she is particularly enthusiastic about providing a high level of attention to detail regarding managing patient data and records.

When not working, Clare enjoys reading, writing, running and visiting the many art galleries throughout Melbourne.

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Fion Chan - Clayray  Receptionist
Fion Chan, Receptionist

Fion has been with the team as a receptionist for over six years. She takes great pleasure in ensuring patients feel welcomed and comfortable on the day of their scans. 

When not at work, Fion enjoys travelling and spending time with family and friends. With her fondness for different cuisines, she loves to discover and experiment with new recipes.

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Heather Barker - Clayray  Receptionist
Heather Barker, Receptionist

A receptionist at Clayray for several years, Heather enjoys absorbing herself in her role. In particular, she values daily communication with her fellow staff members, dental professionals and patients, and the professional relationships she forges. 

On weekends, you’ll find Heather either socialising with friends, 4x4ing (four-wheel-off-road-driving) or, like a true Melbournian, watching the footy with her family.

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Laura Benson - Clayray  Receptionist
Laura Benson, Receptionist

Clayray receptionist Laura says working at the clinic feels like working in a family practice – something that strongly appeals to her.

As a social creature, she especially enjoys how her position at Clayray allows her to talk with people and patients from all walks of life. She finds it can often be stimulating and rewarding to chat with anxious patients to help put them at ease before their examination.

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Britney Evans - Clayray  Receptionist
Britney Evans, Receptionist

Clayray receptionist Britney is passionate about helping people in any capacity she can. One of the joys of her role at the clinic is the daily opportunity to meet people from all walks of life.

When not manning the phones at work, Britney is often busy studying for her university degree or talking the ears off whoever is in reach about the latest film or TV shows.

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Work with us

Working at Clayray Dental Radiology is more than just a job. It’s a chance to build your career working alongside a team of dedicated radiographers and support staff determined to make a difference in the dental radiology. You’ll also gain outstanding professional experience as you liaise with general dentists, specialists and oral maxillofacial surgeons throughout Melbourne, investigating various dental pathologies. So if you love working as a team and think you have the skills and experience to join us, email us your resume. We’d love to hear from you.

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