Inteleviewer Setup

Clayray Dental Radiology is Melbourne’s dedicated radiology clinic with a focus on Cone Beam CT

To install Inteleviewer

Double click on the InteleViewer™ install file and follow the prompts. Once InteleViewer™ is successfully installed, you will see the Icon on the desktop. Launch InteleViewer™ and you will see the screen below.

To finalise installation, click on “Edit Bookmarks”

Click on “Add” and enter the server details as below, then click the “Ok” button. Server URL:

InteleViewer™  will then run a validation check on the server URL. This should happen within a few seconds. If it takes longer than a minute, cancel the validation and re-try. Check to make sure the server URL is correct.

Once successful, you should see the screen as below. Close this screen and you can now log in to your Inteleviewer account with your login credentials. Please note InteleViewer™  passwords are case sensitive and will lock your account after 3 unsuccessful attempts.

Password recovery

To recover your password click here and enter your Inteleviewer username. Instructions on how to reset your password will be sent to the email that you have registered on your profile.

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