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 Detailed, high-definition dental images through low-dose, high-resolution (80 µm) Morita Cone Beam CT scanner

Precise, detailed imagery

Cone Beam CT for implant planning

Full arch scans with DICOM files for guided dental implant surgery

Cone Beam CT for diagnosing periapical lesions

Small field of view, high-resolution scans to see the finer details

Cone Beam CT for unerupted teeth

Visualise unerupted teeth with our 3-D volume renders

Printed work-ups with CBCT viewer file provided

Reconstructed CBCT scan printouts to give you a quick overview. See more detail with the user-friendly viewer file. No software installation required.

CBCT scans and workups are available online on the same day. We work fast to meet your patient scheduling.

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Easier for your patients…

Bulk billing

For OPG (panoramic dental x-rays) and Lateral/Pa Cephs - for valid Medicare card owners.

Medicare rebate available

For Cone Beam CT (CBCT) scans when referred by a specialist. Bulk billable if you are over 75 and referred by a specialist.

Reduced fee CBCT

Reduced CBCT fees for General Dentist referrals ineligible for Medicare rebates.

Films on the same day

Patients may collect their films on the same day.

Convenient location

We're located in the Farrer House building, at Level 1, 24 Collins St. Melbourne. We are a 5-minute walk from Parliament train station and directly in front of the Collins St/Spring St Tram Stop.

The difference is in the detail.

Cone Beam CT

Clayray uses the J-Morita Accuitomo-80 CBCT scanner, the leader in its class to deliver extremely high-resolution Cone Beam CT at low doses of radiation. The “viewer file” that comes with it is called the OneVolumeViewer (OVV). It is a program that requires no software installation and is helpful for the referring clinician to investigate the scan in more detail for complex cases.

With OneVolumeViewer, the clinician can go through the axial, coronal and sagittal slices and even adjust the planes to diagnose the clinical problem. OVV also allows for curved reconstruction through the patient’s jaw to produce contiguous cross sections at 1 mm intervals. The OVV also features the ability to place virtual simulated implants within the scan volume.

If you would like some assistance in learning to use the software, simply call the practice to speak to one of our radiographers.

Dental Implant planning protocols

For patients undergoing guided dental implant surgery, we can acquire the entire arch of the relevant area in a single CBCT scan with the radiographic guide in place. These scans are then processed to output DICOM files that are needed by the implant guide manufacturing company. Often, we are happy to assist by communicating directly with the implant guide company regarding any specific needs they may have.

If you require separate scanning of the radiographic guide, simply note it down on the request form, or call our practice to speak with one of our radiographers.

Online access- InteleViewer™

InteleViewer™ is a third party software used by most of the major medical imaging companies in Australia. It is a feature-rich desktop application that allows the user to access, view and manipulate ConeBeam CT volume data sets. This means that you can view the axials, sagittal and coronal slices and even adjust their angles.

The application also allows you to view the Cone Beam CT work-ups that we produce for a quick overview of your patient’s scan. You can then export these work-ups as JPEG images to import into your patient’sdental file or share them with other treating clinicians.

By setting up an account with us, you will receive notifications when we have scanned your patient at our clinic and when the radiology report becomes available.

Patient care is our priority

Your patients' safety is of the utmost importance to us. That’s why we encourage our clinicians to provide as much information as possible on the request form so we can make the best decisions in selecting scanning parameters.

We perform all our examinations in accordance withthe ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) principle. All our OPG, Ceph and Cone Beam CT scanning machines are serviced regularly to comply with state accreditation regulations and to help maintain the radiation dose administered. 

Detailed dental x-ray images

Frequently asked questions

How much radiation dose is administered by CBCT scans?

At Clayray we adhere to the ALARA principle, that is to provide our services and make sure that the radiation dose delivered is as low as reasonably possible to deliver a diagnostic scan. CBCT scans in general deliver doses that range from a few days to a week of background radiation.

What are DICOM files?

DICOM files are the raw files that are produced by most medical imaging devices. We provide DICOM files for all our implant CBCT cases so that you can import them into third party implant planning software such as Co-Diagnostics, Bluesky Bio and Simplant. The DICOM files can also be imported into HORUS for viewing on macOS computers.

Do your scans come with viewer files?

Yes they do. All of our scans can be viewed in the provided viewer file (onevolume viewer). This is a lightweight viewer that requires no installation and runs only on windows OS. The viewer file allows  you to look through the scan volume, adjust the contrast and brightness as well as angles of the CBCT scan.

Can I view our scans online?

Yes, all of our scans, CBCT workups and reports are available online via Inteleviewer. To learn more, go here.

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About Clayray & our friendly team

Clayray Dental Radiology provides advanced dental radiology services to make life easier for dentists. We combine our technical knowledge in 3-D volume image reconstruction, anatomical know-how, industry-leading equipment and over 20 years experience in dental to make a positive difference in your treatment planning process. Plus, we speak diagnostics in your dental language, so there's no second-guessing and no wasting time. READ MORE >