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Oral Surgery

Bucco-lingual Dimension — Alveolar Bone Height — IAN Localisation

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Cone Beam CT for Implants

Cone Beam CT (CBCT) scans are invaluable in demonstrating the amount of bony dimension that is available, in particular the buccal-lingual/buccal-palatal widths. A pre-Implant evaluation can aid the clinician in making better choices regarding their treatment approach; whether it be a flapless guided technique or the conventional free-hand technique. When used appropriately, Cone Beam scans also allow the clinician to identify vital structures such as the inferior alveolar nerve so to avoid an insult. We scan single arches on a 40mm by 40mm field of view, dual arches on 60mm by 60mm and all four arches on a 80mm by 80mm field of view.

Guided Implant Surgery

Nobel-Biocare and Simplant Users? Morita CBCT scan data can also be seamlessly imported into Procera and Simplant Implant planning softwares.    

Impacted wisdom teeth?

We deal with impacted uneruoted teeth on a regular basis. Our Morita CBCT scanner yields beautiful cross sectional images of the affected area that allow you to visualise the position of the IAC relative fo the roots of the wisdom teeth.    

Implant Survey of the 35 site

Scan demonstrating the alveolar bone height and width, available bucco-lingual dimension, bony trabeculae pattern and location of the inferior alveolar canal.

IAN Localisation

Scan demonstrating IAC compression against the lingual cortex by the apex of 38 root.

Scan of 46

Scans demonstrating a build-up of cementum around the mesial and distal roots of 46.

Scan of 14

Scan demonstrating contiguous slices through the 14 area at 1mm intervals.