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New to Cone Beam CT?

What is a Cone Beam CT examination?

It’s an examination that produces images in 3 planes with higher resolution images and lower amounts of radiation dose when compared to medical CT scanners.

Cone beam CT examinations produce geometrically accurate images that can be viewed from 3 planes. Orthopantomography and intraoral examinations in comparison only permit the viewing of a structure from 1 plane at a time with varying degrees of geometrical innaccuracy depending on how well the examination was carried out. The amount of radiation used is comparable to an OPG machine and much less than a medical CT machine.

What are the uses of Cone Beam CT?

Determining the bucco-lingual dimension, investigating the morphology of a root, localizing the inferior alveolar nerve are just some of the uses of Cone Beam examinations. In most cases they are used to aid and confirm clinical diagnosis where other imaging options have been exhausted or are inconclusive.

Small field of view dental imaging

Clayray runs a Morita CBCT machine that employs limited field scanning with industry leading resolution. The result is clearer images and smaller file sizes and less radiation to the patient.