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Pre-root canal therapy

Whether you’re a pulp lover or apical barbarian, CBCT scans can give you a better understanding of root morphology. It allows you to accurately assess dilacerated roots, the number of root canals present, root canal length and pre-existing apical infection that may have been overlooked on the periapical film.

Post-root canal therapy pain?

CBCT scans can give you a better understanding of the underlying causes when a  RCT does not resolve successfully. The scans may show signs of a periapical infection that was previously missed or due to overinstrumentation. The scans will also pick up IRR’s, ERR’s, unfilled canals, periodontal ligament space widening and possible signs of root fractures.

Scan of 26,27

Demonstrating the extent of the periapical radiolucency at the 26 and 27.

Scan of the 11

Demonstrating a large circumscribed radiolucency that thins the buccal and labial cortices, and involves the root filled 11.

Scan of the 21

Demonstrating the extent of an obvious oblique root fracture.

Scan of the 31

Scan demonstrating the extent of a periapical radiolucency in the bucco-lingual dimension. Slight resorption can be seen on the mesial and distal aspect of the apex.

Scan of the 22

Scan demonstrating an area of radiolucency that is resorbing the apex of the 22 and the labial cortex.