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Cone Beam CT at Clayray Dental Radiology

At Clayray Dental Radiology, our team realise how important your patients are to you. We understand that each time we interact with one of your patients, our professional care can be viewed as an extension of your services as well. We actively work to preserve your professional practice image and supply dental radiological results of the highest standard.

Morita cone beam CT

Clayray Dental Radiology runs a Morita Cone Beam CT scanner to produce images of the highest resolution & clarity for our patients and referrers. The resolving power seen in Morita CBCT scanners aid in the detection of subtle root fractures, root resorption, periapical radiolucencies and root canals.

Scanning for digital and guided dental implant procedures

We assist clinicians that perform guided implant surgery by providing 80×80 field of view scans to cover both the maxilla and mandible in a single scan. These scans are then exported in DICOM format for planning in third party implant planning software. If you have specific planning/scanning protocols with a particular dental implant company, please contact our practice to discuss further. 

Patient care

Patient care and safety is paramount to us. Scanning parameters and protocols are strictly based on the ALARA principle (as low as reasonably possible) when scanning to obtain diagnostic information. 

Cone beam CT appointments

Patients are required to make appointments when coming in for any Cone Beam CT examination. The films and DVD containing the CBCT scan can be collected after the examination has been performed if required. Please allow extra time for this.