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Cone Beam CT at Clayray Dental Radiology

At Clayray Dental Radiology, our team realise how important your patients are to you. We understand that each time we interact with one of your patients, our professional care can be viewed as an extension of your services as well. We actively work to preserve your professional practice image and supply dental radiological results of the highest standard.

Clearer imaging on multi-slice printouts

We listened, and we’ve responded. Clayray is proud to introduce it’s newly upgraded Morita CBCT Scanner, bringing the legendary 1: 1.7 printout clarity, to 1:1 printouts with multi-slice display. Maximum clarity, Minimal radiation and plenty of care. The resolution of this scan is unparalleled.

Less radiation

Why irradiate the whole head when a single implant site is no larger than 40 by 40 mm? ‘Limited field of view’ CBCT scanning prevents unnecessary radiation exposure, while still showing everything in industry leading clarity, not to mention smaller file sizes that will load faster and take up less hard drive space.

Looking for an I-Cat?

The I-Cat is a brand of Cone Beam CT (CBCT) scanner just as the Morita is. The differences between the two scanners vary from image resolution and radiation dosage to functionality of the software. For more information please refer to each vendors respective website.

Learn it, use it. We’ll teach you in 10 minutes

The Morita OneVolume viewer is a beautiful piece of technology that allows you to effortlessly view and manipulate your patient’s CBCT scans on your computer. It is the best way to maximise the benefits of Cone Beam CT technology in treating your patients. Not comfortable with technology? We’ll talk you through it in person or over the phone, step by step.