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Treating an ectopic canine?

CBCT’s provide images with minimal distortion that allow you to accurately determine the position of the apex and crown within the maxilla. Inspect the angle of eruption and whether the tooth lies on the buccal or palatal aspect. We also employ limited field of view scans so that only the area of interest is irradiated, minimising radiation exposure to your patients.

Resorption, Mesiodens & Supernumeraries

The scans also demonstrate the presence and extent of root resorption, supernumerary teeth & mesiodens/dens-in-dente that are sometimes easily missed on the OPG or intraoral film.

Impacted 13

Scan showing the13, outlining the PDL space and its crown’s position on the palatal aspect.

3D Imaging

Beautiful 3D printouts to better demonstrate the configuration of unerrupted teeth, supernumeraries and odontomas within the maxilla

Cleft Palate

Scan demonstrating the extent of the Cleft and its association with the adjacent dentition.

Ectopic 13

A mesioangulated 13 that’s impacting against the neck of 11 and resorbing the apex of 12.