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OPG (Orthopantomography)

An OPG is a 2D X-ray that is taken to demonstrate your teeth, its supporting bone structures as well as your sinuses and temporo-mandibular joints. The scan is taken with the patient in a standing position, biting down on a plastic bite piece. The scanner then makes a revolution around the patient’s head, obtaining the scan within 15 seconds. The patient is allowed to breathe during this period, but asked to keep as still.

Lat. Ceph (Lateral Cephalometry)

A Lat Ceph, or PA Ceph, is an x-ray of your head that demonstrates your facial profile. It is commonly requested for a patient who is undergoing, or thinking of undergoing orthodontic treatment. This X-ray is taken with the patient in a seated or upright position.

Cone Beam CT (CBCT)

A Cone Beam CT scan is usually requested to give the clinician more information regarding an area of interest. For example, before the extraction of lower wisdom teeth, the Dentist or Oral Surgeon may request this examination to determine the exact position of the lower dental nerve so they can perform the extraction safely whilst preserving the integrity of the dental nerve. In dental implant cases, it is used to determine the dimensions and volume of bone that is available to successfully place one.

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Background Radiation?

If you are concerned about the risks involved with medical radiation please ask before the examination and the Radiographer will kindly explain to you the associated risks. Clayray Dental Radiology recognizes the risks involved in exposing a patient to radiation, which is why we are committed to the principle of ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) when conducting our radiologic examinations.